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Alumni Information System has been developed using PHP-MySQL, where lots of user-friendly form controls have been added to create an interactive user application. This system stores the Alumni database, making it easier to keep up all the alumni's records with staff details. Alumni Information System will be on-line so it can be accessed by alumni everywhere. There are many records such as course details, alumni details, funds, membership details, etc. managing all the files is a complicated task for the user. Alumni Information System provides an easy way of maintaining records.

The objective of the Alumni Information System:

  • To make a system that will be able to control a college's alumni data and give easy access to the same.
  • To decrease physical work.
  • To offer a user-friendly interface.
  • Quick data recovery and much of data storing.
  • To let old and new students of a college or university converse with each other. This allows students to be acquainted with each other and their present activities.

The module of Alumni Information System

  • Login Module: The Alumni Information System provides safety features through the username and password matching somewhere only approved users can access the system with diverse authorization levels. It includes alumni, admin, and faculty.
  • Profile Registration: Alumni Information System lets faculty and alumnus to register.
  • Raise Fund Module: This Module allows alumni to raise funds for the organizations. Alumni donation can be made using a credit or debit card.
  • Feedback module: Alumni Information System allows users to send feedback or Review for any particular topic or occasion.
  • Training Module: Alumni can participate in the training session with the selected items. Admin will update training sessions.
  • Alumni Gallery: This module allows alumni to uphold a photo gallery of recent alumni meets. It includes images of different alumni events.
  • Search: Alumni Information System lets alumni and staff of the college search different alumni members and other office-bearers. This is secured since the only authenticated user can search based on criteria like the place, position, regional users

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