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Introduction of the Canteen Ordering System Project

This project Canteen Ordering System provides facilitates the end-users to register online, read and pick the food from the e-menu card, and order food online by just choosing the food that the user wants to have using the android application. In our website students can get all premium projects and also get java software projects. The major project Canteen Ordering system maintains all parts of food items includes name, description, picture, cost, etc. Admin can inspect the approved order and update the status of the order respectively. The Customer can check their balance, order record and capable to cancel the order concerning order status.

Objective of the Project

The objective of this project Canteen Ordering System is to facilitate high-speed services to their students, staff members, etc. Usually, Customer have to go to the canteen and place an order for food and after that, they have to wait in line for a long time to receive the orders. But with the maintenance of this, customer just have to follow a very easy process to order and need not wait in the long line.

Features of the Project

  • Customizable Menu
  • Menu Schedule
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Auto Selected Item
  • Balance Recharge
  • Printing Feature
  • Consumption Status
  • Food Planning

Modules of the project

  • Sales Module: Manage all the transactions of Sales.
  • Products Module: Manage all the transactions of Products
  • Orders Module: Manage all the transactions of Orders.

Advantages of the Project

  • The entirely automated online ordering system of food in a canteen.
  • Order can be placed using your smartphones.
  • Food ordering pages that seem and appear the same as the actual restaurant website.
  • Food ordering pages are hosted on a safe and special server so no risk of customers getting redirected to servers where opponents’ websites are listed.
  • Designed using the latest website programming protocols for least server loads and ultra-fast filling and processing.

Latest Canteen Ordering System Project Source Code and Database

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Canteen Ordering System

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