Introduction of Contractor Management System

Posted By freeproject on November 16, 2016

The main aim of our project Contractor Management System is to develop a system that is meant to partially computerize the work performed in the Contractor Management System. This project provides the contractor details according to the departments of the company. We used JSP (Java Server Pages) as front end and MySQL as back end for developing our project. This project Contractor Management System has been developed on Java, JSP and MySQL. This project is very helpfull for every compny where there are dealings with clients and mange contracts between different consultancies and clients. This project Contractor Management System can manage project completion time, share details, employee requirement details etc. There are two types of users available in the project, first one is Contractor and second one is Admin. Contractor user have limited access right to access the system, while the admin users have full control over the system. We have used JSP for frontend logic implementation, Java for business logic, MySQL as a database, HTML for structure designing, CSS for web page formating, JavaScript for form validation and animation.

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