Introduction of Employee Management System

Posted By freeproject on July 28, 2016
Employee Management System is developed in PHP and MySQL. It helps to manage the list of employees in a company or an organization. It also contains the trainings attended by each Employee. Employee is the backbone of a company so Employee Management System is very helpful system for an organization or company. This system also manage the company Employee details like their attendance, their performane, salary details, leave details. Here in this system, if Employees salary is done then a message or mail will be sent to his mobile or id. Even if the employee takes a leave then this system will deduct a one day leave from his casual or sick leave. When the employee opens his computer, the attendance will be marked automatically using this system. Employee can also take his leave in the system, if the employee needs leave for few days. Company owner can increment the employees salary using this system. Employee can also view their salary details, attendance, leave details and his personal information. Anyone can use this system in their company. Employees, they play a major role in deciding the success of the company or organization. Employee Management System is to use easy for the employer to keep a track all the records. This system provides all the information about employees like Seniority, Leave Records, Transfer & Postings and other basic information of Employee.

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