Introduction of Event Management System

Posted By freeproject on July 28, 2016
The project Event Management System is very helpful for planning how to create sucessfully organize a function. In order to organize a event work is important and work alloted to each member managed by this system. The project gives basic functionality required for an event. It allows the customer to select from a list of event types. Then customer enters an event like Marriage, Dance Show etc, the system then allows the customer to select the date and time of event, place and the event equipment’s. All this data is logged in the database and the customer is given a receipt number for his booking. This data is then sent to the organizer and they may interact with the customer as per his requirements and his contact data stored in the database. This system also useful for different kinds of events like games, workshops, and seminars. This system is to manage all the activities and duties to be preformed by many event conductors like attendees, organizers, event reviewers, and authors. Event organizer is an application under project management for creating and developing festivals, events, etc. Event management is the planning of all the people, teams and features that come together how to create every kind of event. Many customer know of event management that mainly handles concerts and weddings. But there are many other occasions that either require or could benefit from event management, including: conventions, business meetings, sports events et. Many companies use this system firms to coordinate their important meetings, conclaves and other events. Event Management System is a system for managing classrooms and meeting rooms. It is also used as a central calendaring system for events sponsored by the GSM and its student clubs. Faculty, Staff, and Students can use this system to reserve meeting space and specify technical services for their events. This system is also useful for quiz contest. It can help in maintain to keep record of participants and generate results for participants and winners. Using this system users can easily join together with all people who are part of the event. This system provides in planning and tracking all the activites of event.

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