Publishing House Automation System

Posted By freeproject on February 19, 2015


Books are the need of everyone so the computerization of book publishing process is must. Publishing House is a place where the publishing of books is done .In present scenario, there are many publishing houses in the market and they are making there sytems computerised. The project "Publishing House Automation" helps them to manage all the activities related to publishing house, such as Author Managment, Invoice Management, Distributor details etc. This product is based on VB therefore it is a Windows Application and very easy to install and use. It provides a user friendly environment by which user can
understand the systems very well. There are various types of reports available in the system, which gives all the details of Distributors, Invoice, Books etc in printer friendly environment.


The main objective behind the development of this project are given below :

The objective of this project is to take all the information of publishing house and computerized it, so that the work of this place could be done very fastly, smoothly.
Moreover, it also helps in the following-:

  • To utilize the human resources very well.
  • To save time and reduce manual work.
  • To increase the efficiency and accuracy of system.
  • To make entries of the new employees.
  • To assign the jobs/work to employees and maintain the status of completion of job by employee.
  • To query about works assigned to each employee.
  • To generate reports from various modules.

The project comes under RDBMS category. The project handles the large amount of data in an Publishing House Automation. The RDBMS is capable of creating tables, keeping data, manipulating data and accessing data in different manners.

Input to the project:

There are following inputs to the project:

  • Details of Employee
  • Details of Distributors
  • Details of Books
  • Details of Author

Output of the Project:

  • Details of all the Book Order Invoices.
  • Details of all the book order deliveries.
  • Details of the entire working employee.
  • Details of all the book stock.

Publishing House Automation System by Kaushal Kishore