School Automation System

Posted By freeproject on February 18, 2015

Introduction of the project School Automation System

The school recognizes the important relationship that exists between those disciplines, which enhance one’s ability to think critically, reason analytically, communicate effectively, maintain historical perspective and promote good citizenship, and those disciplines, which provide the specialized knowledge and the critical intellectual skills to perform effectively in a wide variety of settings. To this end, it is the purpose of the school to prepare men and women to meet the challenges of the world to work in education, business, industry, government, the professions, the human services, and of further education in graduate and professional schools.

As a regional institution, the school strives to present a diversity of programs and services for those residing in its service area. A main goal of the School Advancement is to provide different kinds of assistance related to economic development. The school also offers to local resident’s access to a variety of social and cultural activities.

Objective of the project School Automation System

  • The main objective of this project is as follows:-
  • To handle the admission forms and entry of admission related information to the student.
  • To prepare the information of a particular student.
  • To feed the information of Employee.
  • To display the information of the employee salary.
  • Provide the information of the subjects.
  • To generate student enquiry.
  • To generate teachers enquiry.
  • Submission of fees.
  • The system generates a number of types of reports that can be then used for various purposes.


The project can take following types of Input:

  • Details of Login Process
  • Input Details of Students
  • Input Details of Employee
  • Details of Fees


The project can provide the following types of output:

  • The information of the student
  • Details of the Employees
  • Provide the information of the Courses, Subjects
  • Provide the details of the Fees and Expenses


  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

The proposed system comes under RDBMS category, as there is need to store and manipulate a huge amount of data related to students, teachers, results, time tables as per various queries.

School Automation System by Kaushal Kishore