Supermarket Management System Synopsis

Posted By freeproject on February 18, 2015

Introduction of the project Supermarket Management System Synopsis

This project deals with the management of the “AUTOMATION OF SUPERMARKET”. AUTOMATION OF SUPERMARKET is a place where the entire goods are available. The aim is to automate its existing manual system by the help of computerized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their requirements, so that their valuable data/information can be stored for a longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same.

For easy and convenient processing we need to develop software, which works as per our requirements. While preparing this software we got to remember few things i.e. this software must have a friendly environment, in other words it should not be much complicated to handle, it should have options for future modifications in the database i.e. in the goods list, new items and workers list. For smooth functioning, we had to prepare a database by which we could enter the required data in their respective locations. In this database all the records of daily entry made are stored, so that we can use them in future whenever allotted to their caretaker. Other then that no one could use this and on entering an illegal password or login name an error message get displayed.

The main objectives behind the development of Supermarket Management System Synopsis project are as follows:

  • To assist the staff in capturing the effort spent on their respective working areas.
  • To utilize human resource of the hostel in an efficient manner by increasing their efficiency through automation.
  • The system generates a number of types of reports that can be then used for various purposes.

Project Category


The proposed system comes under RDBMS category, as there is need to store and manipulate a huge amount of data related to products information and customer’s various queries. RDBMS is a very important type of database which is very much compatible to the jsp.

Input of the project

  • In this system there are many type of inputs are processed into it.
  • All the type of inputs is stored into the projects for various purposes.

The main inputs of the projects are………

  • Customer’s queries about the products.
  • Products details like (product name, product price, product quantity).
  • It takes the input of customer’s purchase details.
  • In this project we store the info about the product of company.
  • It also stores the info of employee salary details.
  • In my project we also store the info about the products expiry details.
  • It store the bill record of customers
  • It store details of employees
  • It store details of employee salary
  • It store the details information of stock

Output of the project

  • In this we output the info about the info of product.
  • It prints the supplier information.
  • It prints the purchase detail.
  • It prints information’s of available products in super market.
  • It prints the bill records for customers.
  • It prints details of employee.
  • It prints details of employee salaries.
  • It prints the detailed information of stock.

Supermarket Management System Synopsis by Kaushal Kishore