IOT Based Automated car Parking System

Posted By freeproject on June 8, 2018

Introduction of IOT Cloud Based Automated Car Parking System

Today car parking is one of the major issue, because most of the car owners waste his/her too much time to search parking spaces after entering in the parking area. So we are developing a system IOT Based Automated car Parking System to overcome this issue using latest technology. We are developing such system which will replace the manual system with automated system which will help car owners to get the exact idea about the vacant spaces. Here we are using different types of sensors, Arduino boards and many of the devices with the integration of cloud based system. This will be fully automated system where the car owner will take subscription for the car parking of that area and will be charged only he use the car parking space. The main concept behind the plans is to provide a rechargeable RFID tag to car owners, and RFID Reader best IOT devices will be integrated on the gates and after the scanning of the RFID tags, user will get information about the vacant car parking area details and he will be charged according to the parking time. We have developed IOT modules for making the Car Parking System smart, reliable and more productive. These IOT modules will be deployed on the parking spaces which will be continuously sending the signals to the servers about all the vacant parking spaces and occupied ones.

Modules and Description of the IOT Based Automated Car Parking System

Gate Entry and Exit Module :

We have developed this module for reading the user RFID cards, who has registered for the parking. This IOT Module is responsible for reading the RFID tags and send data to sever using the WiFi module and then server process the request and verify that the user details, after the verification IOT module get the response from the server related to the vacant car parking space and with some user details and it will be displayed on the LCD Screen. In case of invalid RFID tag user will get the error message.

Parking Sensing Module

This module is resposible for check the parking space is vacant or not. We will integrate this module on all parking spaces and it will be integrated with IR Sensors and WiFi module with some distance mesurements. If any car parks over on the given parking slot then module will send signal to the server that the slot has been occupied and in case of vacant the module will send the signal of vacant.

User Registration Module:

This is the software module, where all the details of the user will be captured and stored in the database and then expose to the IOT module using API. All the frontend design of the software has been developed in Angular and API business logic has been written in PHP and database we have used is MySQL. Each user will be associated with 1 RFID tag and it will be unique for each user. So if anu user scans that RFID tag using the IOT module then the data will be fetched from server using that unique RFID tag ID and details will be sent to the IOT Device.

IOT Hardware Modules for the project:

We have developed 2 IOT hardware modules in this project. Both of the modules are equipped with WiFi module synced with the cloud servers which we have hosted on AWS. So for running this project each module must have connected with WiFi and have full internet access. In case of unavailability of internet, both of the module will not work.

IOT RFID Scanning Module

The work of this module if too scan the RFID card of the car user and get the details of the vacant parking space and also show one of the vacant space to park his vehicle. This module will be integrated on the parking area entry gate and exit gate so the time of parking will be calculated automatically and parking charges will be calculated on the base of parking hours. Each data of the parking will be sent on the server and IOT devices will communicate with the server for getting any of the information

IOT Parking Sensor Module:

This is one way data sending module, which will be integrated on each and every parking space and when car comes on the area then this module will send data to server that the area has been occupied. So if any area is vacant then the IOT module will send the vancant signal to the server and that vacant space will be assigned to the user.

Hardware Requirement Specification for IOT Based Smart Car Parking System :

  • Arduino Nano : Project has been developed over the Arduino Nano board
  • ESP822 : For wifi module we have used ESP822 Wifi Module
  • PCB Board : We have used PCB board to assemble all of the modules
  • Sonar Sensor : Sonar distance sensor has been used for distance sensor
  • LCD Module : Used for displaying the data to the users
  • Speakers : Used for beep sound on successfully scan of the RFID Tags
  • RFID Tag Reader : Used for reading the RFID tags
  • RFID Card : It will be delivered to the user for his identification

Software Requirement Specification for IOT Based Smart Car Parking System :

  • NodeJS : All the business logic has been written in NodeJS
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  • Angular : We have used latest angular java script framework for creating frontend user interface
  • Apache 2 : The web interface is running over the apache2 server
  • AWS : All the web API has been hosted on AWS Cloud Server

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