RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen

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Posted By freeproject on January 22, 2019

RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen

In the economic management of country, transportation plays a vital role. With the advancement in the transportation roots, the industries, cities urbanization, education, etc are also grown. Transportation is the key factor to connect different markets places to each other. In manual tollbooth process, to process toll tax operation of every car, requires minimum 1 to 2 minutes. Due to this other car’s owners have to wait in the queue at toll booths that consumes their transportation time. It has been observed that the revue generation at tollbooths is decreasing day by day because of person interference at tollbooth. To minimize this corruption, there is need of some automation system at tollbooths such that without human interaction whole tollbooth process should become automated. Hence, here in this article, we have proposed RFID based tollbooth automation system which helps to automate tollbooth work as well as to reduce corruption at tollbooths.

In RFID based tollbooth automation system, we have allotted RFID card tag to each car which is placed at its front side glass and we have installed RFID reader sensors at every tollbooths which are connected with internet through their respective IOT kits to process tollbooth automation operations and toll tax deduction of concerned car customer from his/her bank account. When any car is passed through tollbooth, the RFID card tag placed at its front glass is read via RFID card reader placed at tollbooth. Once card is validated, the toll tax will be deducted from car owners bank account which is attached with his/her adhar card. After the completion of tax deduction, the toll gate is automatically gets opened and only allows to pass that car.

Now, this proposed RFID based tollbooth automation system, has reduced tollbooth processing time as well as has reduced corruption takes placed at tollbooths. Because of adapting such automation system, we can also reduce transportation time of transport vehicles that are used for goods transportations. Here, we can also interface CCTV camera system at every tollbooth to keep watch and record of each transportation car or vehicles. It is used for security system purpose. If in case, city police want to track some suspicious activity or some terrorist activities then they should able to track them from CCTV footages database. As all toll booths are connected via internet and if we use image and video processing tools, we can easily track any person from CCTV database without manually checking CCTV footages.

Technology Used in the project RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen

Software component for the project to develop user interface for (IOT RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen)

  • Embedded C Language : All the hardware interface coding has been done in Embedded C Language
  • PHP : All the business logic and the web interface has been written in PHP
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  • Apache 2 : The web interface is running over the apache2 server
  • JavaScript : For from validations and animation effects
  • JQuery Library : We have used many of the jQuery Library in the project such as Calendar

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RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen
RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen

RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen

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RFID Based Toll booth Automation Systen
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