Shopping Cart System

Posted By freeproject on May 10, 2016

Java and SQL Server Project on Shopping Cart System

This project Shopping Cart System has been developed on Java and SQL Server. The main objective for developing this project Shopping Cart is very important part of any online store, it not only allows user to accumulate list of items for final purchase, but also calculates total amount of all the products. This project has been developed on latest technology Java and SQL Server. An Online Shopping Store which will allow formal and informal merchants in developing countries to advertise and sell their goods on the internet. This would permit rural communities to make their wares available to the rest of the world via the World Wide Web.. There is a seprate interface for admin section by which admin can manage all the administrative task. This application has a good appearance and is very easy to operate. It is very simple and easy to access at Java. It is a very simple source code. This project provides a lot of features to manage in very well manner. This project contains a lot of advance modules which makes the back end system very powerful.

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