Courier Management System

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PHP Project on Courier Management System with MySQL Database.

About the project Courier Management System

The Courier Management System project will be used for day to day activities like out return, company details, hub rates ,booking, non delivery, and pickup centers.Actually It is not easy to do this process manually because it would become very hectic. Hence it is recommended to automate the process by developing the relevant software as the world is moving from manual working to information and technology era where computerization becomes important in all walks of life. We used PHP as front end and MySQL as back end for developing our project. This project (Courier Management System) has been developed on PHP and MySQL. There are two types of users available in the project, first one is Customer and second one is Admin. Customer user have limited access right to access the system, while the admin users have full control over the system. We have used PHP for business logic, MySQL as a database, HTML for structure designing, CSS for web page formating, JavaScript for form validation and animation. Rest of the things I have listed below. I have also attached the project video and screens of this project look into it.

Users of Customer Information System

There are two type of users available in the project (Courier Management System) :

  • Customer : With Limited Access
  • Admin : With full access

Functionality performed by Customer user:

These are the functionality performed by the Customer users.

  • Registration for Customer
  • Login For Customer
  • Forgot password for Customer
  • Change Password for Customer
  • Edit Profile For Customer
  • View his Payment History
  • View his Bill History

Functionality performed by admin user:

These are the functionality performed by the admin users.

  • Login For Admin
  • Forgot password for Admin
  • Edit Profile For Admin
  • Manage Customer
    • Adding New Customer
    • Edit the Exiting Customer
    • View Profile of the Customer
    • Listing of all Customer
  • Manage Courier
    • Add Courier of the Customer
    • View Details of the Courier
    • Listing of all Courier
    • Filter Courier according to Customer
  • Manage Tracking
    • Add Tracking of Courier
    • Listing of the Tracking
    • Filter Tracking according to Courier
  • Manage Offices
    • Add Offices
    • Listing of the Offices
    • Filter and search Offices
  • Manage Managers
    • Add Managers of Courier
    • Listing of the Managers
    • Filter and search Managers according to Offices
  • Manage Shipment
    • Add Shipment of Courier
    • Listing of the Shipment
    • Filter Shipment according to Courier
  • Reports of the project
    • Report of all Customer
    • Report of all Courier
    • Report of all Tracking
    • Report of all Offices
    • Report of all Managers
    • Report of all Shipment

Static Pages and other sections :

These static pages will be available in project

  • Home Page with good UI
  • Home Page will contain an animated slider for images banner
  • About us page will be available which will describe about the project
  • Contact us page will be available in the project

Technology Used in the project (Online Mobile Store System)

We have developed this project using the below technology

  • HTML : Page layout has been designed in HTML
  • CSS : CSS has been used for all the desigining part
  • JavaScript : All the validation task and animations has been developed by JavaScript
  • PHP : All the business and frontend logic has been implemented in PHP
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  • Apache2 : Project will be run over the Apache2 server

Supported Operating System

We can configure this project on following operating system.

  • Windows : This project can easily be configured on windows operating system. For running this project on Windows system, you will have to install WAMP or XAMP on your system.
  • Linux : We can run this project also on all versions of Linux operating system
  • Mac : We can also easily configured this project on Mac operating system.
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Synopsis of Courier Management System
Project Title
Courier Management System
PHP Project on Courier Management System with MySQL Database.

Introduction of Courier Management System

This Courier Management System Project will have different modules. The login section will have login facility for the admin and for the user who will operate this system. While taking orders from its customers, it will take all the details of its customers who is placing the orders and all the details for the recipient such as its address, name, mobile number. During billing process system will generate a tracking id for their products. Through this tracking id, customers or its recipient will able to track their products from any location using internet. It will provide status of the product after placing orders within 1 minute.

This Courier Management System Project will provide information recipient with following details:- where the current consignment is, till when it will reached its final destination, if any delay then reason of the delay, the route of current consignment, date of placing consignment, final date to reach its destination.

Operating System
Project Title
Courier Management System
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