Introduction of Online Banking System

Posted By freeproject on June 11, 2016

Online Banking System also names network banking, E-banking. It means banks provide their traditional services to customers through the internet, such as inquiry, account checking, transferring within BOC, transferring out of BOC, etc. It can make the customer manage his/her accounts at home safely and conveniently. Online Banking or Internet Banking is a term used to describe banking transactions that are performed a secure Internet application. Online Banking transactions include pay bills, transfer funds, view account statements, mini statements and paying down loans. Online banking is an activity that is not new to banks or their customers. Banks have been providing their services to customers through software programs. These software programs allowed the customer's personal computer to dial up the bank directly. In the past, however, banks have been very uncertain to provide their customers with online banking due to security concerns. Online Banking is personal banking service on the Internet, protected with bank identifiers. It is available anywhere, anytime. Online Banking allows you to pay invoices to Finish and foreign recipients easily and securely. Customers can also check their account balances and transactions. Customers can order a new card, withdraw a loan granted to them and make mutual fund subscriptions. Customers access Online Banking services by obtaining bank identifiers. eBanking as such is free of charge but commissions and fees in accordance with the service tariff will be levied on orders and other transactions carried out through Online Banking.

Today, online banking is the best way for people to manage their finances. Banks ensure online banking security for customers by using encryption technology — such as secure sockets layer — verifying online banking account activity, incorporating account safety features, and constantly warning consumers of ways to avoid threats such as identity theft. . Now, 74% of customers use online banking and can securely access their accounts day or night. When customers log in to him/her secure account from own computer or tablet, customers can see current account statements, search through old ones and review recent transactions. Customers can transfer money between accounts, manage and pay your bills and more. Some banks let you view multiple accounts, including credit cards, all in one place.

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