Automation of Sport Training System

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Posted By freeproject on February 20, 2015

Introduction of the project Automation of Sport Training System

We are all living in the twenty first century; in this age computerization is must to increase the flexibility, efficiency of any department. My project is made to computerize the Sports training centre in a symmetric manner. Training centre is a place where peoples come for training of sports for their entertainment and to improve health. Sport training centre improve the health and playing capacity of a child. Civil Lines is heart of my city there is a Sport training centre which provide the training for many sports as you like but the management of that department is not well sometime we have to face the problem like renewable the membership, providing new membership for my friends, to pay fine charge etc because in this work we have to waste our time by standing in a row because of non computerization environment. So I want to automate the training centre in an efficient manner.

Objective of the project Automation of Sport Training System

The main objectives:

  • The Sports Training Centre keeps members information, their facility information, its charge details, sports item details and other information in a systematic way.
  • The objective of Training centre is to take all the information related to this system and computerized it.
  • With the help of computerize system we can calculate fine charges and membership date, renew date about its member.
  • To increase the efficiency and accuracy of Training Centre.
  • To save our time and manual work by automate the system.
  • To utilize human resource in an efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation.

Project Category

RDBMS Project

The project comes under RDBMS category. The project handles the huge data of Sports Training Centre. The RDBMS is capable of creating storage, keeping data, manipulating data and retrieving data in desired manner via simple query.

Input of the Project Automation of Sport Training System

The inputs to the project are…

  • Trainee detail
  • Equipment Entry details
  • Trainer Entry
  • Issue membership card details

Output of the Project Automation of Sport Training System

The outputs of the project are:

  • Trainee details
  • Sport Fine details
  • Sport schedule details
  • Sport ground details
  • Match details
  • ID Cards for membership
  • And many Soft screens

Automation of Sport Training System by FreeProjectz