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PHP Project on Web Traffic Analyzer with MySQL Database.

Web Traffic Analyzer

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Web Traffic Analyzer is a leading global provider of real-time web analytics solutions, delivered to customers through hosted, on demand services without costly investments in IT infrastructure. Our web analytics solutions dramatically improve the visitor experience, online sales and ROI of marketing campaigns of today's largest online businesses. Our website provides many types of php online projects to be developed as the final year college project for students. Students can Free download php projects based on their requirements.

PHP Project on Courier Management System with MySQL Database.

Courier Management System

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Introduction of Courier Management System

This Courier Management System Project will have different modules. The login section will have login facility for the admin and for the user who will operate this system. While taking orders from its customers, it will take all the details of its customers who is placing the orders and all the details for the recipient such as its address, name, mobile number. During billing process system will generate a tracking id for their products. Through this tracking id, customers or its recipient will able to track their products from any location using internet. It will provide status of the product after placing orders within 1 minute.

This Courier Management System Project will provide information recipient with following details:- where the current consignment is, till when it will reached its final destination, if any delay then reason of the delay, the route of current consignment, date of placing consignment, final date to reach its destination.

PHP Project on E-Commerce Portal with MySQL Database.

E-Commerce Portal

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This project E-Commerce Portal System has been developed on PHP and MySQL. We are providing simple php mysql project with source code for students. An E-Commerce portal project in php which will allow formal and informal merchants in developing countries to advertise and sell their goods on the internet. This would permit rural communities to make their wares available to the rest of the world via the World Wide Web. The objective of this project is to create an e-commerce web portal with a content management system which would allow product information to be updated securely using a mobile device. The web portal will have an online interface in the form of an e-commerce website that will allow users to buy goods from the merchants. There are two types of users available in the project, first one is Customer and second one is Admin. Customers user have limited access right to access the system, while the admin users have full control over the system. We have used PHP for business logic, MySQL as a database, HTML for structure designing, CSS for web page formating, JavaScript for form validation and animation. Student can get easily core php project free download with source code can be used as a final year academic projects for students.